In order to get to WHERE YOU WANT TO GO you need to give up WHAT GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE.

~ Jim Effner ~

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From Transactional To Transformational: The Art Of Asking Great Questions
Learn how to connect with clients in a transformational way through the art of asking great questions. Read more.
How to Grow Your Practice Using Billable Hours
The flexibility of your schedule is one of the greatest benefits of being a financial advisor, but it can be a daunting task to structure and manage their calendar. Introducing Read more.
The Biggest Culprit - Stuck in a Rut
The Biggest Culprit: Why Am I Stuck In A Rut?
In this video clip from JIM'S TAKE, Jim Effner explains how reps get stuck in a rut, and how they can break out of it. Read more.
Face To Face: The Importance Of In-Person Meetings With Clients
In this video clip from JIM'S TAKE, Jim Effner shares why he believes regular face-to-face meetings are still important. Read more.
Three Core Beliefs About Permanent Life Insurance
Here are three of my strongest beliefs on why everyone needs permanent life insurance. Read more.
The True Cost Of Saving Money And Planning
If you're going to have the discipline to be able to put yourself in a situation where you have tremendous financial security, you have to embrace delayed gratification. That’s not Read more.
Lifetime Value: Why This Business Should Be Getting Easier
Here's why the financial services business should get easier and much more rewarding over time if you have a systematic process for getting in front of your clients. Read more.
Four Simple Questions To Uncover Clients’ Life Insurance Objections
It's important to uncover clients’ life insurance objections early on in the planning process. Here are four questions to accomplish this goal and get to the bottom of your client’s Read more.
To Serve Or Lead?
The Role Of A Financial Advisor: To Serve Or To lead?
Financial advisors can make a great living and have a profound impact on clients. However, with that also comes great responsibility. Is their responsibility to serve their clients? Or, is Read more.
Great Fact-Finding Questions To Engage Clients About Retirement
While there are a number of key aspects to conducting a successful fact-finding meeting, here we’ll focus on one: great questions to kick off the retirement planning section. Read more.
The Biggest Factor That Shaped My Beliefs
The younger representatives who I mentor often ask how I became motivated so quickly. A big factor in my development was my environment. Here's how it helped me. Read more.
Are you thinking big?
As we approach the end of this year, there’s no better time than now to spend some time in reflection and set your goals for the coming year. Read more.
Why I Talked To Every Client About Disability Insurance
Early in my career a friend shared a story that dramatically strengthened my conviction for disability insurance. Read more.
Transform Your Prospecting Results With One Simple Idea
Here is one simple technique to use in your annual reviews that can dramatically enhance your ability to generate referrals and prospecting results. Read more.
Taking Action: Moving Forward with Your Financial Plan
At a certain point in the financial advisor/client relationship comes the time to move your financial plan to action. This is the implementation stage of the sales cycle and here Read more.
One Simple Way To Manage Your Time More Effectively
There are a number of things you can do to manage your calendar and time more effectively. However, I believe there is one thing in particular that can have the Read more.
What To Do When Clients Don’t Buy
It’s important to have a system to follow up with these prospects and clients who don't buy from you, but prior to that, it’s more important to understand why they Read more.
How To Open Your Planning Meetings With Clients
You just had a successful fact-finder discussion and your clients are coming back for their first planning meeting. Here's how you should you open this critical meeting to continue the Read more.
Scheduling Annual Reviews
Overcoming Objections To Setting Up Annual Reviews With Clients
Every one of your clients should have an annual review. It's important for their financial security and to your business model. But, scheduling the annual review can sometimes raise objections. Read more.
Annual Reviews
Why You Should Embrace Annual Reviews With Your Clients
Clients’ financial needs evolve over the course of their lives. It's important to meet with your clients for annual reviews so that their financial plan evolves too - and there Read more.
Straight To Voicemail? Here’s How To Keep Meetings From Referrals
Do you always seem to head straight to voicemail when phoning new prospective clients? Here are two ways to leave effective messages to help keep your meetings with new referrals. Read more.
Image of DNA
Stop Selling Insurance And Managing Money – Find Your D.N.A.
From New York to California, money brings a huge amount of stress to most Americans. Here's how financial advisors can re-position their practice to address this issue. Read more.
Disability Insurance: A Critical Conversation With Clients
Disability, like death, is never a fun subject to think about. But as a financial advisor, one of your missions is to help make your clients financially bulletproof, and disability Read more.
Need Prospecting Ideas? Here’s The One That Built My Business
While there are countless prospecting ideas to consider, there’s only one I would focus on. No, it’s not the latest social media strategy. Read more.
When Less Is More: Defining Your Book Of Business
One of the more difficult concepts for reps to grasp is that the growth of their book of business does not necessarily equal growth in their practice. Read more.
Year In Review: Six Steps For Transformational Growth
Help your practice take a big leap forward. Learn the six steps that financial advisors took to achieve transformational growth in a single year. Read more.
Time To Stop Mindlessly Working In Your Business
In order to experience true growth in your business, it’s imperative to use critical think time to work on your business, instead of always working in it. Read more.
Addressing the Need for Life Insurance
See how advisors can discuss the need for life insurance with their clients by addressing three core components: debt, education and survivor income. Read more.
The Approach: Here’s How To Open New Client Meetings
Before you begin a fact finder interview, you want to open the meeting by describing to the client what you do. This is known as the approach. Read more.
What Are Your New Clients Thinking?
The success of a new client meeting is often determined in the first 10 minutes. See how to create real excitement about the opportunity to work with you. Read more.
Loose Ends Lose Clients – How To Close A Fact Finder
If you don’t close a fact finder with intentionality, the likelihood of your prospect becoming a client is greatly reduced. Here's how to end the meeting. Read more.
Four Timeless Lessons From My Early Years In Financial Services
I am often asked how I became successful in my financial services career. While there is no magic bullet, here are four timeless lessons. Read more.
Beyond the Numbers: Understanding Your Client’s Story
Fact finding requires gathering key financial data from your prospects. It also means taking the time to understand the story beyond the numbers. Read more.
The Mental Game of Prospecting
The key to prospecting is all about generating high quality referrals – this means asking for them on a consistent basis and mastering the mental game. Read more.
Overcoming “No” – Handle Phoning Objections Like A Pro
When you’re phoning for new client meetings, handling objections is an essential skill. When you master your ability to respond to objections in a confident, professional manner, phoning will become Read more.
The Simple Keys To Phoning For New Client Meetings
There is both a science and an art to phoning for new client meetings. The science is in the predictability of your ratios – how many dials it takes to Read more.
When It Comes To Time Management – Think Like A Surgeon
Most reps have never been trained how to effectively manage their time. Learn proven strategies to create an ideal calendar and maximize efficiency. Read more.
Think You Don’t Have To Prospect? Think Again.
Why do you prospect? It’s a simple question that does not always have a simple answer, especially as you achieve success and the need for prospecting is not as readily Read more.