The greatest amount of GROWTH occurs when you get comfortable being UNcomfortable

~ Jim Effner ~

Sales Cycle Mastery: The Essentials


Are you ready to stop winging it and build systems with intentionality in each aspect of the sales process?

Are you looking to get off the “roller coaster” and generate more consistent results in your activity and production?

Are you ready to achieve transformational growth in your practice - and your income?

With his relentless passion and energy, Jim shares his most powerful, immediately-actionable sales secrets in one 60-90 minute jampacked session. These are proven concepts that he used to build his 25+ year track record of success as an advisor and managing partner.

Jim has one driving passion: to utilize his unique skills, talents and experience to improve the sales skills of financial reps — thereby increasing the number of lives they impact.

Sample Topics:

  • Leadership in the Office
  • Mastering Prospecting
  • The True Art of Sales in the Financial Services Industry
  • Why the Financial Service Industry Matters
  • How to Excel as a Managing Partner
  • Making the Most of your Financial Adviser Career
  • Personal Growth and Confidence
  • How To Lead By Example
  • Best Ways to Manage Your Company's Money
  • How to Be a Master Investor in Your Business
  • The Crucial Elements of Team Dynamics
  • The Importance of True Self-Confidence
  • How the Five "F's" Guide Your Career (Faith, Family, Friends, Finances, Fitness)

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Jim Effner is qualified to speak on dozens of topics. We are confident that one of them will be exactly what you are looking for!