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~ Jim Effner ~

The Sales Cycle Mastery Program


About The Program

Jim brings his passion, energy and experience “live and in-person” to an exclusive group of leading advisors. A one-year program delivered in bite-size pieces, Sales Cycle Mastery is designed to help advisors intentionally build systems across every aspect of the sales process. By combining Jim’s expertise and experience with powerful group dynamics and accountability to implement change, you will gain confidence and practical skills to achieve transformational growth.

learn from a SALES master

Prospecting Module

Not having enough high-quality prospects to call on is a death sentence in our business. What would be the impact on your practice if you could create consistent prospecting results? I'll teach you how to change your mindset and build the systems necessary to become a master prospector!

Phoning Module

Do you fear the telephone? You shouldn't as it's your greatest income tool possible if you use it more effectively. Are you a slave to your calendar? In this module, you will learn the confidence and skills to effectively convert prospects to appointments, as well as how to build a highly efficient schedule through a proactive and consistent approach to calendar management. I'll have you working smarter, not harder.

Fact Finding Module

To be an expert fact finder, you have to begin with the end in mind. The ultimate goal? A quality relationship with your client. To gain the right facts and build this relationship you have to evoke 3 key feelings in the client. Learn what these are and how to foster them in each client!

Planning Module

Can you recreate the energy and emotion you built in the fact finder to help motivate a prospect to action? Do the plans you build create the client's mindset that guides the meeting towards next steps? When building the plan, less is more. I've got two words for you: relatable and personalized.

Implementation Module

When it comes to closing, it's all about offering a solution to a problem, not selling a product. When this meeting is done well, the result is that your client feels incredibly connected to you, and they will also feel (maybe for the first time ever) that they could actually achieve their goals for financial security. Let me tell you – that's powerful stuff.

Annual Review Module

Do you have "rockstar" annual review meetings? (Hint: If your client doesn't leave feeling like they are one year closer to achieving their financial dreams, then the answer is NO!) Learn how to use your annual review meetings to enhance your relationship – fostering not only renewals, but more importantly - referrals.

What do people say about the program?

Chuck Pruett | Managing Partner

Kyle Thorpe | Financial Advisor

Jim LaPinska | Wealth Mgnt. Advisor

Ryan Gargaro | Financial Advisor

Craig Copeland | Financial Advisor

Tim Bohannon | Managing Partner

Mark Pancratz | Financial Advisor

Alex Wieme | Financial Advisor

David McIntosh | Financial Advisor

BJ Hellyer | Chief Development Officer

Sarah Walter | Chief Development Officer

Brian Schultz | Financial Advisor

Scott Pagenkopf | Financial Advisor

Is the Sales Cycle Mastery Program Right For You?

Let me ask you:

  • Do you want to stop “winging it” and instead build consistent systems in each aspect of your sales process?
  • Would you like to get off the “roller coaster” and generate more consistent results – both in your activity and your production?
  • Do you want to see transformational growth in your business AND your income?

The truth is – it’s easy to answer YES to these questions, but the reality is that very few reps are willing to make the significant changes necessary to achieve and sustain that level of growth.

Here's my opportunity for you: You bring your motivation, your energy, and your commitment once a month for 12 months, I'll give everything I've got and together we'll create your practice based on intentionality that will impact you, your family, and your clients for generations to come.