The single best INVESTMENT you can make
in your reps is to hone their PROSPECTING SKILLS.

~ Jim Effner ~

The single best INVESTMENT you can make
in your reps is to hone their PROSPECTING SKILLS.

~ Jim Effner ~

The Prospecting Mastery Workshop

The inability to prospect is the #ONE reason reps fail in this business. Regardless of their talent and passion, they just can’t see enough people.

We’ve designed a simple, yet powerful workshop to help reps become prospecting masters. This workshop focuses on developing an empowered mindset and then implementing a predictable, proven system for sustainable growth.


What Makes This Workshop Unique?

The Prospecting Mastery workshop is not entertainment - it's designed to create consistent, sustainable results. In order to do so, the workshop is broken down into three components.

Session 1: Learn The System

The first component of the workshop is a 2-hour session led by Jim Effner. This session begins with addressing reps' mindset about prospecting. He then shares his 8-step system designed to create consistent prospecting results and provides a one-page “recipe for prospecting success.”

8 Weeks To Execute The System

Using Jim’s Coaching & Follow-Through Guide, reps will work with their leadership team on a weekly basis on each of the 8 aspects of the prospecting system. In addition, our P2P Advocate, Kelly Phillips, will conduct two 30-minute calls with the leadership team to address any questions or challenges.

Session 2: Assess Your Results

After 10 weeks, your group will meet internally for a follow-through session. We provide all the tools to make it successful. It is designed to ensure sustainable prospecting results - generating more and better referrals than ever before!

What Advisors Say About The Workshop

Dan Mason | Financial Advisor

David Knox | Chief Development Officer

More About The Prospecting Mastery Workshop

By harnessing the power of working with intentionality, this workshop helps advisors transform their business – and create greater impact on the financial lives of their clients. Click the video to learn more about the three parts of the workshop!

Prospecting Workshops are being booked now for 2020 and 2021. If you are interested, please let us know your interest here and we will contact you!