The greatest amount of GROWTH occurs when you get comfortable being UNcomfortable

~ Jim Effner ~

Sales Cycle Mastery Summit

Are you a financial professional who is ready to...

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable?

Stop winging it?

Transform your potential into real performance...

Then, Jim's Sales Cycle Mastery Summit was built for you. Combining Jim’s 30 years of experience, teaching that's backed by results, and powerful group dynamics, this program is designed to help you achieve transformational growth in your practice.

2022 - 2024 Summit Programs

Summit ProgramSession 1Session 2Session 3Registration
Summit 17Mar. 28-29, 2023
May 23-24, 2023
July 11, 2023
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Summit 18June 5-6, 2023
Aug. 7-8, 2023
Oct. 5, 2023
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Summit 19Aug 21-22, 2023
Oct. 17-18, 2023
Dec. 13, 2023
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Summit 20Nov. 7-8, 2023
Jan. 10-11, 2024
Mar. 12, 2024
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Summit 21Jan. 24-25, 2024
Mar. 26-27, 2024
May 21, 2024
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Important Details

  • Each Summit program consists of three sessions.
  • Sessions 1 and 2 begin at 1:00 pm on Day 1 and finish at 2:00 pm on Day 2.
  • Session 3 is from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
  • Seating is limited to 25 registrants and spots will be filled on a first come, first served basis.



Program Agenda

Workshop 1


Not having enough high-quality prospects to call on is a death sentence in our business. What would be the impact on your practice if you could create consistent prospecting results? I’ll teach you how to change your mindset and build the systems necessary to become a master prospector!

Phoning & Calendar Management

Do you fear the telephone? You shouldn’t as it’s your greatest income tool possible if you use it more effectively. Are you a slave to your calendar? In this module, you will learn the confidence and skills to effectively convert prospects to appointments, as well as how to build a highly efficient schedule through a proactive and consistent approach to calendar management. I’ll have you working smarter, not harder.

Workshop 2

Fact Finding

To be an expert fact finder, you have to begin with the end in mind. The ultimate goal? A quality relationship with your client. To gain the right facts and build this relationship you have to evoke 3 key feelings in the client. Learn what these are and how to foster them in each client!


Can you recreate the energy and emotion you built in the fact finder to help motivate a prospect to action? Do the plans you build create the client’s mindset that guides the meeting towards next steps? When building the plan, less is more. I’ve got two words for you: relatable and personalized.

Workshop 3


When it comes to closing, it’s all about offering a solution to a problem, not selling a product. When this meeting is done well, the result is that your client feels incredibly connected to you, and they will also feel (maybe for the first time ever) that they could actually achieve their goals for financial security. Let me tell you – that’s powerful stuff.

Annual Reviews

Do you have “rockstar” annual review meetings? (Hint: If your client doesn’t leave feeling like they are one year closer to achieving their financial dreams, then the answer is NO!) Learn how to use your annual review meetings to enhance your relationship – fostering not only renewals, but more importantly – referrals.

Kelly Phillips Headshot

Meet Your P2P Advocate

To help you create sustainable results, program particpants receive coaching calls inbetween workshop sessions with P2P Advocate Kelly Phillips. Kelly has spent her career as an advocate for financial advisors. She believes in the importance of the work you do, and knows how to help advisors transform their practice and create more abundant lives. She knows Jim’s systems inside and out, and she knows how to help uncover your personal obstacles to achieving your vision. Kelly has worked with over 400 advisors to help them drive implementation and create transformational results.

What People Say About Sales Cycle Mastery Summit

- Chuck Pruett

"Jim, to begin with, is probably one of the greatest salesmen that I've ever known."

- Ryan Gargaro

"Just hearing Jim and being with Jim really helped me have confidence in myself."

- Mark Pancratz

"If you feel like your practice has kind of gotten stale and you're not really excited about waking up every day, this is great opportunity to come learn from Jim."

- Bert Gunter

"Hands down, the best training I've ever been to."

- Phillip Lassiter

"I think the experience, the workshop, the people you meet here, I don't think anything else I've ever done, seen or heard about compares to this."

- Sarah Walter

"There's a step by step to each part of the sales cycle that Jim will walk through with the advisors and it makes it really actionable."

- David Evans

"Through Jim’s principles and his trainings, he’s given me more confidence to go out and prospect the right way and with the right type of clients."

- Michael Allen

“…What this has resulted in is a 120% production jump and I just hit Forum this week."

- Michael Andrzejewski

"The first session with Jim really helped me a whole lot to teach me to think bigger, think beyond myself, and get out of my head much quick than before."

- Geoffrey Kasse

“Jim’s offering through P2P is different in that he focuses on the art and the science of the sales cycle so he brings in both emotion and the facts.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my registration include?

Your registration includes your three full-day sessions with Jim, as well as a cocktail and dinner event the night before each session. In addition, you receive individual coaching calls with our P2P Advocate between each session, designed to help you overcome your unique challenges or obstacles to growth. Travel costs and arrangements must be made separately and are not included.

Do I have to pay everything up front?

If you register more than 120 days in advance, you can choose to make a 25% non-refundable down payment to reserve your spot. Otherwise, the registration fee of $6,000 is due upfront as a single payment.

What if I can only attend one or two of the three workshop dates?

In order to get the full value of the program and make the most of your investment, it is important that you only register if you can make all three of the workshop dates. No refunds or partial refunds will be made for people who are unable to attend one or more of the workshops.

Who is invited to attend this program?

The ideal candidate for this program is typically has between 4 - 15 years of experience as a financial advisor, highly coachable and willing to work to transformationally grow their practice. This program is not intended for multiline agents.

What is the location of this program?

Depending on dates, workshop sessions will be held in either in Las Vegas or Chicago. Upon registration, you will receive a welcome letter which includes details on travel logistics.

How many people have gone through the program and what have been their results?

Over 450 advisors have participated in our Sales Cycle Mastery program in the past three years. We are extremely proud of the fact that we’ve helped over 1/3 of them achieve what we define as TRANSFORMATIONAL GROWTH: 50% or more YOY in core premium growth.  In 2021, we had 12 first-time Forum qualifiers and six alumni who hit $1 million of annual premium. While it is our expectation for every advisor who participates in this program is to create TRANSFORMATIONAL growth, we do not have a “secret sauce” and the only way to achieve that result is by implementing the systems we teach.

Will sessions be held virtually?

Our commitment is to hold our sessions in-person if at all possible; however, if circumstances outside of our control change, we are fully equipped to provide a state-of-the-art virtual session.

Is their pre-work, or homework between sessions?

Absolutely! You will receive information about pre-work for Session 1 in your welcome letter, approximately 30 days prior to your first session. Each session will include assignments designed specifically around implementing the systems and language Jim teaches for each of the sales cycles. In order to create transformation, sustainable change - you will need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and be willing to do the work. If you do - you will look back on this program as a true turning point in your career.

About Jim Effner

Jim Effner is founder and President of P2P Group – a company specializing in sales training for financial services professionals. His mission is to help bridge the gap between financial advisors’ Potential and their Performance.

Jim began his career in financial services over 30 years ago. He came straight off the campus at Valparaiso University to take his first contract as a financial advisor with Northwestern Mutual’s flagship office in Chicago, Illinois. He became a leading producer out of the gates, earning Rookie of the Year, and winning his region in 1990, 1991 and 1992.

A Million Dollar Round Table qualifier every year he worked in the business, Jim is now a lifetime member of MDRT. He was a three-time Forum qualifier, which represents the top 5% of all Northwestern Mutual advisors. In fact, he was the youngest person to make the Forum the first two times he qualified. Jim also held every leadership contract in the Northwestern system – ultimately being appointed Managing Partner, a position he held for 14 years. In short, he has walked in your shoes – having both produced, and developed others to do so, at a very high level.

When he founded P2P Group, Jim took everything he’s learned and built his trademarked Sales Cycle Mastery system. Of the nearly 500 advisors who have participated in his highest-level curriculum, over one-third have grown their core production by 50% or more, with 12 alum achieving $1M of premium for the first time. These results are particularly compelling when compared to the industry average growth rate of approximately 5%.

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Registration is limited to 20 advisors on a first-come, first-serve basis.