In order to get to WHERE YOU WANT TO GO you need to give up WHAT GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE.

~ Jim Effner ~

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Master Prospecting Language
Great prospecting language is concise and compelling. Learn a proven approach for financial advisors for mastering prospecting language.
COVID-19 has increased demand for a solid financial plan. With the right prospecting approach, you can be the financial advisor to provide it to them.
I often ask financial advisors, “What’s your biggest challenge?” The answer is almost always the same: Prospecting.
There's never been a greater need for permanent life insurance and for advisors to have that conversation with clients.
Four Reasons To Sell Life Insurance
Advisors who have a negative mindset on selling life insurance are doing a major disservice to both their clients and themselves.
Stop apologizing for this life insurance feature
Permanent life insurance creates an environment of “forced savings.” It's time for advisors to stop apologizing for this incredible feature.
Ever thinking about quitting your career as a financial advisor? The truth is, so did I. Here's how I dealt with it.
Learn how to connect with clients in a transformational way through the art of asking great questions.
The flexibility of your schedule is one of the greatest benefits of being a financial advisor, but it can be a daunting task to structure and manage their calendar. Introducing
The Biggest Culprit - Stuck in a Rut
In this video clip from JIM'S TAKE, Jim Effner explains how reps get stuck in a rut, and how they can break out of it.
In this video clip from JIM'S TAKE, Jim Effner shares why he believes regular face-to-face meetings are still important.
Here are three of my strongest beliefs on why everyone needs permanent life insurance.