In order to get to WHERE YOU WANT TO GO you need to give up WHAT GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE.

~ Jim Effner ~

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One prospecting objection financial advisors stumble on is if a client straight up says "no" to providing referrals. Here's how to handle it.
Cold Calling Strategies for Prospecting
As a young financial advisor, many of my best prospects and clients came through cold calling. Learn how you can use cold calling for prospecting too.
Calling referrals and prospects
Calling referrals and prospects? Here's why you need to go through three objections if you want to successfully book the meeting.
Three Dealbreaks That Spoil Fact Finding Meetings
While there are many aspects to conducting masterful fact-finding meetings, equally as important is avoiding the deal breakers that spoil them.
Financial Planning Checklist
The financial planning checklist makes planning more understandable for clients, but also keeps you on track with the most important aspects of your plan.
Overcoming the insurance is just a Bill Mindset
It's advisors’ jobs to help clients see that insurance isn't "just another bill." In order to accomplish this, here are three things advisors must do.
Setting Goals In The New Year
Goal setting works… when it’s done right. Here’s how I approach goal setting and how you can create transformational, sustainable change in the new year.
Questions To Open Fact Finder Meeting
One of the most important, yet often overlooked aspects of a fact finder meeting is opening with personal and emotional fact finding questions.
Master Prospecting Language
Great prospecting language is concise and compelling. Learn a proven approach for financial advisors for mastering prospecting language.
COVID-19 has increased demand for a solid financial plan. With the right prospecting approach, you can be the financial advisor to provide it to them.
I often ask financial advisors, “What’s your biggest challenge?” The answer is almost always the same: Prospecting.
There's never been a greater need for permanent life insurance and for advisors to have that conversation with clients.