In order to get to WHERE YOU WANT TO GO you need to give up WHAT GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE.

~ Jim Effner ~

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Before you begin a fact finder interview, you want to open the meeting by describing to the client what you do. This is known as the approach.
The success of a new client meeting is often determined in the first 10 minutes. See how to create real excitement about the opportunity to work with you.
If you don’t close a fact finder with intentionality, the likelihood of your prospect becoming a client is greatly reduced. Here's how to end the meeting.
I am often asked how I became successful in my financial services career. While there is no magic bullet, here are four timeless lessons.
Fact finding requires gathering key financial data from your prospects. It also means taking the time to understand the story beyond the numbers.
The key to prospecting is all about generating high quality referrals – this means asking for them on a consistent basis and mastering the mental game.
When you’re phoning for new client meetings, handling objections is an essential skill. When you master your ability to respond to objections in a confident, professional manner, phoning will become
There is both a science and an art to phoning for new client meetings. The science is in the predictability of your ratios – how many dials it takes to
Most reps have never been trained how to effectively manage their time. Learn proven strategies to create an ideal calendar and maximize efficiency.
Why do you prospect? It’s a simple question that does not always have a simple answer, especially as you achieve success and the need for prospecting is not as readily