In order to get to WHERE YOU WANT TO GO you need to give up WHAT GOT YOU TO WHERE YOU ARE.

~ Jim Effner ~

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While there are a number of key aspects to conducting a successful fact-finding meeting, here we’ll focus on one: great questions to kick off the retirement planning section.
The younger representatives who I mentor often ask how I became motivated so quickly. A big factor in my development was my environment. Here's how it helped me.
As we approach the end of this year, there’s no better time than now to spend some time in reflection and set your goals for the coming year.
Early in my career a friend shared a story that dramatically strengthened my conviction for disability insurance.
Here is one simple technique to use in your annual reviews that can dramatically enhance your ability to generate referrals and prospecting results.
At a certain point in the financial advisor/client relationship comes the time to move your financial plan to action. This is the implementation stage of the sales cycle and here
There are a number of things you can do to manage your calendar and time more effectively. However, I believe there is one thing in particular that can have the
It’s important to have a system to follow up with these prospects and clients who don't buy from you, but prior to that, it’s more important to understand why they
You just had a successful fact-finder discussion and your clients are coming back for their first planning meeting. Here's how you should you open this critical meeting to continue the
Scheduling Annual Reviews
Every one of your clients should have an annual review. It's important for their financial security and to your business model. But, scheduling the annual review can sometimes raise objections.
Annual Reviews
Clients’ financial needs evolve over the course of their lives. It's important to meet with your clients for annual reviews so that their financial plan evolves too - and there
Do you always seem to head straight to voicemail when phoning new prospective clients? Here are two ways to leave effective messages to help keep your meetings with new referrals.