Face To Face: The Importance Of In-Person Meetings With Clients

In today’s age of incredible technology, financial professionals have the potential to run their business almost entirely virtually, never meeting clients in-person or face-to-face.

Many reps are conducting a high percentage of their meetings through phone calls, FaceTime, Skype, GoToMeeting or various other online meeting platforms.

This is convenient and likely saves time for both the financial professional and client. On the surface, it seems like this would make sense to do with as many clients as possible.

In a few cases, it does make perfect sense. However, there are far more times when it does not.

In the latest live episode of JIM’S TAKE, this is the topic that I addressed in-depth. Watch the clip from the recording above to see why I think it’s a big mistake to only meet with clients virtually or on the phone.

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